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WDW is an independent communications agency working exclusively in entertainment    and arts. Specialising in campaigns to publicise television, film, theatre, games and awards projects, as well as expertise in crisis comms, we partner with some of the most culturally influential entertainment brands in the world.

We are a publicity driven team with proficiency in producing events and red carpet media management. 

We have a specialist documentary team who have a track record of successful release, awards and impact campaigns, as well as limited distribution opportunities. 

Collaborating   with creatives from across Europe, we also  work to    develop and fund film projects, via The Female Film Force - an ambitious initiative to support women working in film.


We believe in the power of arts and culture to bring people closer and make a more interesting world. We partner with our clients to help them reach broader audiences, build deeper relationships and ultimately leave their mark on culture.


WDW’s three founders each have a lifelong connection with the arts and culture, and this shared experience and passion was the impetus behind the establishment of the agency. 

We are a nimble team by design so we can  be in immediate proximity to the work, ensuring a personable approach. Working as an extension of our client teams, means we can be more flexible and have greater impact.  

Who we are   |   Founders

Molly Whitehall

Amy Dowd

Johanna Whitehead









WDW launched Disney+ in the UK in March 2020. Disney’s new streaming service is made up of five globally renowned brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.


The   TV team targeted a wide range of media   to educate and build positive stories around the launch and to ensure a sustained presence on the entertainment pages and beyond. 

We    continue to work with the Disney+ in-house team, as well as key stakeholders from across the five brands. We run the day-to-day press office, manage publicity campaigns, such as The Mandalorian,    and provide strategic counsel for the streaming platform.  




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